Blabbering (pls ignore)

If you’re visiting the book store, try to go to the self-help book/motivation book shelf. I won’t be surprised if you find so many books about motivators or glorified entrepreneurs/business leaders biography, like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bob Sadino, Chairul Tanjung, or even Sandiaga Uno.

These books commonly placed among top ten best sellers as many people buy it. This phenomena is no longer strange and can be found in many bookstores. Today, everyone want to be entrepreneurs and building their own business. Most recently,  our world is in the hype of start-ups, which basically the entrepreneurs using technology as their core business.

Yes, the stories offered by such books are very promising and lucrative for everyone. But, one thing they forgot, many, if not some, of those people are born with privileges. And of course, there must be some dramatization to add the profit value of those books.

The pattern are obvious, like the X who faced difficulties in his first business and suddenly this business grow bigger. But somehow, they often to forget the privileges they had (like family’s fortune, for example).

Then, people start to quote the entrepreneurship, like “if you don”t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs”, “It’s not about ideas, it’s not making ideas happen”, or even some provocative one like “Why work for someone else, if you can be your own boss”.

Well, I don’t know why those people love it so much by quoting those thing in their social media. Some of them are currently building their new business. Hmm…good luck with that, but perhaps they quoted it so much as the affirmation to justify their choice and prove something, or else, I don’t know and I don’t really care.

If you want to do something, you better shut it off and just do it and refrain yourself from spamming my newsfeed/timeline. Stop justifying your choice to do business. The world doesn’t need your frequent update of your business.

My point is, I’m just fed up with the glorification of entrepreneurship.

But kudos for those work quietly in their business without spamming and telling the world how their business are going.

Some people might born with their fate in business, but there also people who enjoy their life by working in different way of life than business. Face it, people.


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  1. Hehe, udah mulai banyak ya yang ngerasa entrepreneurship itu jadi seperti peer pressure. Aku juga ngerasa gitu. Aku percaya masing-masing punya jalan hidup mencari rezeki sendiri dan kemampuan tiap orang beda-beda sih. Kalau ngga beda apalah jadinya dunia yakan.

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