Quick Review-2015

I tried to make a short, quick review of 2015. So, here we go.

2015 was exhilarating yet upsetting.


Reality was indeed bitter than our expectations. Being a Diplomat sounds very cool and such a privilege at the very first place, but it is not necessarily true. We had an increasingly complex bureaucracy, endless piles of admin works, and huge anxiety over the salary and career path.

But, the bureaucracy is getting better everyday. Some innovations were created and it gave us better result and I’m getting used to handle the works. I also involved on some big things and learned new things, which is GOOD.

Bottom line, I love it.

p.s. In regards to anxiety above, I guess the only way is to stay away from those who spread negative influence on such issues 😛 and keep in faith.

Personal Relationship

2015 brought my relationship to another level as I engaged with my long-time girlfriend who lives far far away from Galaxy :P. Spent half of 2015 for the substantial and technical preparation for the big event in 2016 following the engagement was like roller-coaster.

I also managed to spend more time with my Mum, Sister, and Dad, thanks to technology (read: WhatsApp and Line). Let’s write the promise to do it more often here.

Self development

I attended 6 weeks of International Junior diplomatic training in Den Haag and I guess, it is the highlight of 2015 :D.

Do you think it is possible to make the 3,5 years of IR class plus 8 months of diplomatic training  into 6 weeks of training? well, I suppose that’s how to describe the training feels like. Demanding, heavy, practical and fun in some ways.

I learned a lot about personal developments. Still identifying my abilities, weaknesses and strengths, though. One thing for sure, I gotta keep my mouth shut more often :p.

But, socially, it is the year of revelation. Yes, there are many friends outside, but not all of them are true friends inside. You don’t need to have many friends, small company is indeed better.

Some of my personal advice to my self (yes, I wrote it here so it will be reminder to me :P) =

  • It is unwise to keep adapting your identity  and behavior to different people because at the end you will have to question the authenticity of your identity.Stay true to yourself.
  • It is also not recommended to live your life with too many negative thoughts because it with influence your quality of life eventually.
  • It would be waste of time and energy to think about people’s opinion about you because they never know how it feels to be you. Take the constructive ones, which is pretty hard to find.
  • It is okay to have a mistake and admit it gently. Perhaps your behavior, grammar, ideas, etc are not the bright one, but it is okay as long as you learn something from those mistakes.

p.s. If you feel offended, please, don’t bother. No, it is not about you. You are not that significant to be the topic of my blog.


  1. Hello mas Jhendra, I’m your new reader. I also want to be a diplomat like you, and reading your blog really helps me to maintain keep my spirit high. However I have a question for you, is that true that diplomatic career in Deplu

  2. hello mas jhendra! i was googling about Indonesia’s ministry of foreign affairs’ contact and fortunately i found your blog in the results 😀 i was googling about it because i got an final assignments to interview one of the mofa’s staffs about their work description and actually i dont have any clue on how to contact the ministry itself. so, how exactly i have to ask the permission to do an interview with the ministry? i am really clueless right now hehe, i hope you can answer my question! thank you!

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