Fresh Start

treacherous path

It is not everyday I decided to write something about life. And yet, today is the day.

It is a very usual Saturday afternoon when I typed down these words. Nothing unusual. Everything seems to move in order. Waking up late with no hesitation to rush to the office and enjoying the free time that unusually getting very rare these days.

I spent my morning to clean up the room, put all comics and other stuffs back to their place and make sure all dust are gone with regrets. Checking up my phone and noticed some messages from her and I replied happily. At the end of my cleaning, it comes to my mind how my life recently is not as organized as I had and how I have become so lazy these days.

I used to be very organized and pay attention to everything that matters in daily life by writing in notebook. I wrote almost everything like what jobs I had accomplished that day, the usual to-do-list, daily expenses, daily plan and many other things that crossed to mind. It helped me to give direction in case of I getting lost in life and of course as gentle reminder that what I have done was worth for greater goals ahead.

The habits of keeping record and stay organized was strengthened by determination that I put in my every effort, which I barely utilize recently. I was so lazy. I did not have the desire to work very hard as opposite to how I usually felt before. I did do my homework and daily job, though. But the fire seems gone.

What frighten me the most is these disorganized life and laziness might turn into habit that haunted me till I die.

That is why I think it is a very good time to change. I could not live my life this way anymore. Gotta go back to my old self and be more responsible for my own life.What moved me is not only the self-reflection but also the fact that I have decided to live my life with her till the end of time.

It has been a week since I tied the knot by putting the ring in her fingers. And it is only 8 months till the oath and ceremony be held. There is a need to grow and be a better man, which in my short definition, bring back my self-organized record and determination. I promise my self that I will bring out the best of me not only for her but also for my self and contribute back to the society I belongs.

As what Underwood tells Russo on his turning-over campaign, this is the Fresh Start.

“There can be no false steps now. The higher up the mountain the more treacherous the path” – Frank Underwood

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